Welcome the future home of Bent City

Our flagship product is an interface called the Bendo Box™ and its Eurorack companion version. All of our circuit bent instruments are designed to work with the Bendo Box™. We can modify  3rd party devices to respond to the Bendo Box™. The Bendo Box™ is designed to receive ANY analog audio source signal, preferably but not necessarily a signal with a discernible beat or accents. This could be a mic on a live percussionist, tap dancer or beatboxer, or the analog output from a drum machine.

The Bendo Box™ will generate triggers on each of 5 outputs that correspond to the accents from the audio input. Our circuit bent instruments each have an input to receive these triggers, which in turn trigger the instruments’ internal sounds so that they will play in sync with the audio signal at the input of the Bendo Box™.

The Bendo Box™ Eurorack module will trigger other Eurorack modules’ gate triggers.